TC209: Barry Russell, Midland (TX) HS

High school baseball in Texas is a big deal. Almost as big a deal as football. In fact the second largest gathering of baseball coaches in the world is the THSBCA convention each January. Just so happens, we’re talking to the President-elect (or president, depending on when you’re reading this) of the THSBCA, Barry Russell. Coach Russell is also the long time and very successful coach at Midland High School in Midland, Texas.

In this episode, we talk to Coach Russell about growing up in Texas, how big Texas actually is, working at baseball clinics while in college, starting a baseball program at a high school, the difference between the players when he started and now, and preparing his son for coaching. We wrap up this interview talking about the Texas High School Baseball Coaches Association and their huge annual convention in Waco.

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Photo credit: Barry Russell

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