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TC206: Rich Hill, University of San Diego (part 1)

Much of what the University of San Diego’s head baseball coach does comes from his desire to help influence young lives, much the same as what helped him coming from a divorced home. Rich Hill has been paying it back — and forward — for nearly three decades now in a big way. Hill comes from a long line of teachers and knew at an early age that he wanted to get into this line of work. But it’s hard to call work something that you love this much — especially when you’re doing it from a field that overlooks the Pacific Ocean.

In this episode, Coach Hill talks about getting his start at Cal Lutheran, spending what he considers five very important years at the University of San Francisco, the powerhouse he’s built in San Diego, community service contributions at all of his programs, and the benefit of obstacles.

Check out Coach Hill’s surfing video here.
Video tour of Fowler Park and Cunningham Field (state of the art!)

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photo credit: University of San Diego Athletics

Intro Music: Matt’s Blues, Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

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