TC205: Mike Rooney: ESPN, Perfect Game

Oh, it’s a good day whenever we get our good friend, Mike Rooney, back on the line. As usual with Roons, we’re all over the board with the topics. Today’s smorgasbord includes:

  • T.D. Ameritrade Stadium in Omaha
  • College World Series review
  • The state of college baseball (scholarships, roster limits, paid coaching positions)
  • 2016 coaching changes
  • Stadiums
  • Augie Garrido
  • Advice for raising a child in today’s athletic envirnoment
  • Mike’s dream coaching job
  • “M” caps
  • “Circus” uniforms
  • and FOOD!

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photo credit: Mike Rooney

Intro Music: Matt’s Blues, Kevin MacLeod (

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