TC202: Mike Gambino, Boston College (part 2)

We are excited to welcomeĀ Boston CollegeĀ head coachĀ Mike GambinoĀ back for a second episode! In part 1, Coach Gambino shared a lot about his overall philosophies. This episode we drill down quite a bit to talk about the ACC and changing conference affiliations, travel (as a practical matter), “family dinners”, the work/life balance, “selling” a program vs. finding the right fit for a prospective recruit, the BC recruiting philosophy, RPI, mid-week games, the attributes of a potential coach, and four things that his staff looks for in a potential recruit. One highlight if the interview is when Coach Gambino lays out what a typical weekend is like when they have to travel – from leaving the school and heading to the airport to bringing it back to campus on a Sunday night.

Part 1 of our interview with Coach Gambino is here.

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Photo credit:Ā Boston College Athletics

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