TC201: David Valesente, Wells College

There are just not a lot of brand new programs starting each season, but when they do, it’s fascinating to peek inside and see what all needs to be done to get the program off the ground. Today we’re talking to David Valesente, head coach of the new program at Wells College in New York state. If the name sounds familiar, it could be that you’ve head of his father, long-time head coach at Ithaca College, George Valesente.

In this episode, Coach Valesente talks about everything that’s involved with getting a program off the ground, including making sure the name is known by displaying “Wells” prominently on the uniforms. He talks about day one on the campus – learning the school, meeting school officials and admissions personnel, taking inventory, ordering equipment, building a brand, and planning – lots of planning. We talk a lot about building the roster and the philosophy of that aspect of building a program during an inaugural season. And then we talk about one of the most unusual field configurations we’ve ever seen.


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Photo credit: Wells College Athletics
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