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TC195: Joe Ferraro, Bronxville (NY) HS

Many of you know Joe Ferraro as the golden-throated half of the wildly popular KWB Radio podcast with his co-host (and former Top Coach guest) Kevin Wilson. We’ve had Joe and Kevin on before to discuss some very deep subjects like food and teaching young players, but this time we’ve got Joe on solo. This time, we wanted to specifically talk to Joe about his coaching past and his coaching present — that would be with Bronxville (NY) High School. What’s particularly fascinating is the discussion we have about how he was propelled into a college head coaching position almost right out of college. He considers that stint successful from some aspects, but has definitely learned a great deal over the ensuing years and is eager to talk about those lessons.

In this episode we talk about Joe’s passion as a player, his first job at Manhattanville College, going from a win-oriented philosophy to a relationship-oriented philosophy, and more. You’ll quickly discover as you listen just how much Joe has grown as a coach and just how much he cares for his players. You’ll also find out some of Joe’s other interests (food!).

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photo credit: Bronxville High School 

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