TC190: Tom Austin, Methodist University

37 years, over 1100 wins, and 6 NCAA D3 College World Series appearances. That’s a pretty good resume right there,. But there’s so much more to Tom Austin, as you’ll find out in this interview. Coach Austin knew from a young age that he had an interest in coaching, as illustrated (literally) by the plays he drew up in his biology book and the fact that someone wrote in his sixth grade yearbook that he’d be coaching at Notre Dame someday! Being a state champ in high school only whetted his appetite. Before racking up all those collegiate wins at Methodist University, he got his start by coaching in junior high.

In this episode, Coach Austin talks about the attributes of a potential coach, including where they sit in the dugout and the kinds of questions they ask. He also talks about what he thinks is the biggest thing that sports teaches — how to fail. Also in this episode he talks about how he’s changed over the years, when the “small ball” idea dawned on him, and how the game (and players) have changed over the years.

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