TC188: Paul Zwaska, Beacon Athletics

Paul Zwaska could be your best friend. He’s certainly here to make your life easier. Well, at least when it comes to dirt and grass. Paul is THE guy at Beacon Athletics when it comes to field maintenance. He’s had a three decade long love affair with dirt and lots grass stains on his pants to prove it. He learned the ropes at the University of Wisconsin and made his name while head groundskeeper for the Baltimore Orioles. Now he’s the guy at Beacon Athletics who makes life easier for groundskeepers across the country by helping them with the right tools to get the job done and with instruction and tips to get your field looking beautiful. His number one tool is free! It’s called Groundskeeper University, a video series that lays out the fundamentals of baseball field maintenance.

In this episode we discuss the essential tools you need for a decent field, how to handle long term projects, the importance of getting your team involved in regular maintenance, how to divide daily maintenance duties, and why moisture is the key to a well-maintained field.

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Photo credit: Beacon Athletics, Groundskeeper University

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