TC144: Justin Hill, McNeese State

Justin Hill envisioned a restaurant career after college, but soon determined that baseball is where he really belonged. So he kept bugging former guest Mitch Gaspard until he finally gave him a job. It wasn’t all that long ago, but like most coaches, he’s got plenty of stops along the way that have finally brought him home to McNeese State University.

Coach Hill says that he is a life long learner and that the key to success may lie in one’s eagerness to continue to work hard and continue to learn. He says that, “If you can make somebody else better, then you can coach.”

Like former guest Tony Robichaux — just down the road in Lafayette, Coach Hill is proud of the tradition and Cajun culture of this area in southern Louisiana. When you talk to him, you’ll quickly find that he believes that all the ingredients are there for a big time baseball program.

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