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TC246: Doug Wren, Tyler Junior College

As many coaches will tell you, it is terribly hard to follow a legend. Former guest Jon Groth had built a successful program at Tyler (TX) Junior College and decided a few years back to step aside. One of his former players and then-assistant coach, Doug Wren, was tabbed to fill some big shoes. And

TC221: Johnny Cardenas, Stephen F Austin

Johnny Cardenas is a Texas boy and former professional ballplayer who’s sure that he’s found the right place — coaching college baseball at Stephen F Austin. He knew he could stretch the pro career out just a bit more, given primarily that he was a bilingual catcher, but he was ready to move on. After

Great time in Waco at the THSBCA

by Jack Warren, host and editor of Top Coach Podcast Last weekend marked my first opportunity to attend the Texas High School Baseball Coaches Association in Waco. I not only had a good time, the event thoroughly exceeded my expectations. They say that everything is bigger in Texas. Well, that’s certainly true of their coaches’

TC209: Barry Russell, Midland (TX) HS

High school baseball in Texas is a big deal. Almost as big a deal as football. In fact the second largest gathering of baseball coaches in the world is the THSBCA convention each January. Just so happens, we’re talking to the President-elect (or president, depending on when you’re reading this) of the THSBCA, Barry Russell.

TC186: Greg Blanchard, Lorena HS (TX)

When Greg Blanchard signed on at Lorena High School in Texas 35 years ago (or so), he did so only when the school agreed to let him start up the long dormant baseball program. As with most coaches in Texas, it seems like they’ve at least got a foot in the football program. Coach Blanchard

TC170: Jim “The Rookie” Morris

Jim Morris‘ story was well documented in the 2002 film, The Rookie, but Jim’s story is not yet finished. He started his career as a coach in a small Texas town, teaching his kids to dream big. It was his players who encouraged their coach to dream big. And that he did — following his

Top Coach 60: Adam Revelette, Baylor

I pretty much went blank after our guest said it was 106 degrees in Waco, Texas as we were speaking. Frankly, this is one time I’m glad we do most of these interviews remotely. However, I’m absolutely glad that we got a chance to talk to our second NCAA D1 volunteer assistant coach. You’ve got

Top Coach 49: Steve Smith, Baylor

There have been 18 head coaches in the history of Baylor baseball, but only two in the last 41 seasons. Steve Smith took over 21 years ago for the legendary Mickey Sullivan and has made the Bears a fairly consistent winner through those two decades. Even though football has been the focus in Waco during

Top Coach 21: Jim Schlossnagle, TCU

There are at least a couple of firsts with this week’s guest. Texas Christian University’s Jim Schlossnagle graduated magna cum laude from Elon College and he’s listed among the notable residents of his hometown (Hagerstown, Maryland) in Wikipedia! But seriously, as another of the Rick Jones’ protoges, Schlossnagle has made his name in Fort Worth,