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Southland Conference

TC221: Johnny Cardenas, Stephen F Austin

Johnny Cardenas is a Texas boy and former professional ballplayer who’s sure that he’s found the right place — coaching college baseball at Stephen F Austin. He knew he could stretch the pro career out just a bit more, given primarily that he was a bilingual catcher, but he was ready to move on. After

TC197: Allen Gum, Central Arkansas

Finally! Yes, we’ve plugged that gaping hole in our Top Coach Guest Map that’s right over Arkansas. And we’ve done it in a big way with the incredibly successful and popular head coach at the University of Central Arkansas, Allen Gum. Coach Gum is Arkansas born and bred and, except for a brief foray right

TC144: Justin Hill, McNeese State

Justin Hill envisioned a restaurant career after college, but soon determined that baseball is where he really belonged. So he kept bugging former guest Mitch Gaspard until he finally gave him a job. It wasn’t all that long ago, but like most coaches, he’s got plenty of stops along the way that have finally brought him