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TC215: Steve Bieser, Missouri

It’s got to be a dream job when a Missouri boy can land an SEC coaching job without leaving his home state. And that’s exactly what Steve Bieser did. After growing up in Missouri, playing his college ball in the state, and then spending 13 years in professional baseball, Steve Bieser got into coaching via

TC213: Skip Bertman, LSU

Skip Bertman’s name is nearly synonymous with the rise of college baseball as we know it today. What he crafted at Louisiana State University started a ripple effect through the SEC and across the nation. A fixture at the College World Series, LSU fans got so used to going to Omaha that many still go

Top Coach 178: Butch Thompson, Auburn

Long mentioned among the top assistant coaches in NCAA Division 1 baseball, Butch Thompson finally gets his shot to direct things as he guides Auburn Baseball in his first season as head coach. Coach Thompson has a resume that looks very similar to many others in his position, having stops at many schools and, as the old saying

TC165: Rick Eckstein, Kentucky

Rick Eckstein had everything going for him as a golfer — a pretty good one by all accounts, he laid his clubs aside after his sophomore season in high school to focus on baseball. Doesn’t sound like he has any regrets. Although his resume is long — including a stint as a bowling coach —

TC143: Mitch Gaspard, Alabama

We’ve got another coach that came from what appears to be the cradle of big time college baseball coaches, Northwestern State. That was just one stop along the way for Mitch Gaspard, who now helms the program at the University of Alabama. Speaking of cradles, Gaspard got his start as a collegiate player at LSU

TC131: Tim Jamieson, Missouri

Out of the frying pan, into the fire. That must be how is felt for the University of Missouri as they left the tough Big 12 and entered the arguably tougher SEC. But don’t shed any tears for the Tigers, as they appear to be holding there own. Head coach Tim Jamieson admittedly has a steep

TC102: John Cohen, Mississippi State (part 2)

We welcome back for a second part to our great conversation, Mississippi State University head coach John Cohen. In this episode, Coach Cohen talks about the work/life balance, what he thinks of today’s student-athlete, practice efficiency, leadership, and recruiting. Part 1 of our interview with Coach Cohen can be found here. Nick Mingione’s training website at WinWithNick.com. Training

TC97: John Cohen, Mississippi State (part 1)

One of the most storied collegiate baseball programs in the country has produced some great players. One of those great players eventually became the head coach. On this episode, we’re talking to the head coach at Mississippi State University, John Cohen. And bucking the trend somewhat, he’s one of the few outfielders that has become

TC58: Tim Corbin, Vanderbilt

We’ve give him sufficient time to breathe, do a few speaking engagements, and run a camp, so we’ve finally pulled Vanderbilt coach Tim Corbin back to the microphone for our first chat since the Commodores won the College World Series. Fresh off a week of his high school camp, Coach Corbin talks a bunch in

Top Coach 48: Rick Jones, Tulane

This is not our usual coach interview, as this one comes on the heels of the announcement that Tulane coach Rick Jones is retiring…and far too early. Seems that the stresses of the coaching game, combined with a family history of heart disease, have led Coach Jones and his doctors to make the difficult call

TC31: Tim Corbin, Vanderbilt

More than two decades of coaching and currently leading one of the top programs in the country and he’s returning my text messages at 5:00 in the morning. That should tell you a lot of what you need to know about Vanderbilt‘s Tim Corbin. He started off sleeping in a car while on recruiting trips.

Top Coach 28, Cliff Godwin, Ole Miss

Cliff Godwin is another one of those assistants who’s getting a lot of attention. Coach Godwin is known for his enthusiasm — and that’s on top of all the other things that makes for a good baseball coach. Like Tulane’s Rick Jones, Godwin is a small town guy from North Carolina. Cliff had dreams of

Top Coach 12: Paul Mainieri, LSU

Paul Mainieri runs one of the most respected and robust college baseball programs in the country. LSU is one of a handful of programs in the NCAA that pays for itself. Mainieri has a long list of former assistants and players that have moved into coaching and his opinions on the coaching profession are sought