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TC242: Jad Prachniak, West Chester

Fresh off an NCAA D2 World Series championship in Texas, West Chester‘s Jad Prachniak was exactly where you’d think he would be when I caught up with him for this interview. That’s right — recruiting. Specifically, he was sitting in his car (sweltering!) under an overpass for I-94 after completing a long day of scouting.

TC217: Kevin Schneider, Immaculata University

Kevin Schneider has proven himself as a successful travel organization coach/administrator and high school coach — including a state championship and three consecutive city championships. Now he’s hoping to parlay that success into a run of success at the NCAA D3 level at Immaculata University. In this episode, we talk to Coach Schneider about Catholic

TC 182: Jon Shehan, Millersville University

Other than a brief foray into minor league baseball, Millersville University baseball coach Jon Shehan has not ventured far from home. He grew up near the campus, had relatives involved with the school, and he attended Millersville. Now he’s guiding the Marauders and, despite coming into a program with no field and no batting cages,

TC169: Harry Hillson, Mansfield University

Pennsylvania, as we’ve documented on this podcast, is filled with baseball playing colleges. As best as we can tell, only California has more. That means we have a lot more interviews to go before we cover ’em all! But today, we’re cutting into that task again as we talk to the winningest head coach in

TC134: Marc Marizzaldi, Seton Hill

  Here’s a great example of actually starting a program from scratch. When Seton Hill University decided to start a baseball program in 2004, Marc Marizzaldi was the guy tabbed to get things rolling. The SHU website describes it accurately when it says that he, “built the foundation for Seton Hill Baseball from the ground

TC96: Jim Chester, Lock Haven University

Jim Chester has spent his life in Pennsylvania and has coached at many levels. He just finished a long stretch with Penn State Greater Allegheny and now is in his first season as head coach of NCAA D2 Lock Haven University. Coach Chester split his time at Allegheny as atheltic director and head baseball coach.

Top Coach 94: Kevin Woodbridge, U of Sciences

It’s back to back NCAA D2 coaches on Top Coach Podcast. We’ve had more than a handful of D2 coaches, but none of their schools are quite like this one. The University of the Sciences in Philadelphia specializes in developing apothecaries. Well, that’s what they called it in 1821. We know them better today as

Top Coach Update: Rob Cooper

Back in November, 2013, episode 18 featured the first year coach at Penn State University, Rob Cooper.  In this episode of Top Coach Update, we bring Coach Cooper back to talk about what almost every coach is doing right now — welcoming back to campus all of their returning players and getting their new recruits

Top Coach 51: Kevin Wilson, KW Baseball

Yeah, you bet we’re talking hitting today! And we’re talking to one of the premier hitting coaches in the U.S., Kevin Wilson. One of the best indicators that he knows what he’s doing is when USA Baseball asked Kevin to be on Rob Cooper‘s 2013 18U National Team that won it all in Taiwan. In

TC37: Blake Beemer, Penn State

Volunteer coaches abound in baseball, but the volunteer coaches at the NCAA D1 level are a bit different. There are a good percentage of these guys who are retired coaches and still have a lot to offer, but don’t really need a paying gig. The largest percentage of D1 volunteer coaches, however, are guys like

TC18: Rob Cooper, Penn State

Rob Cooper’s baseball has taken him all over the United States…and the world. Growing up in California and playing in Florida only marked the beginning. He’s been all over the country as an assistant coach and head coach. Now his work with USA Baseball is taking him all over the globe. But Cooper’s mind is firmly