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Top Coach 66: Brendan Monaghan, UMass-Lowell

This week, we’re catching up with UMass-Lowell assistant coach, Brendan Monaghan. Monaghan is another of the many coaches we’ve talked to with a direct link to St. John’s and coach Ed Blankmeyer, who we interviewed back in episode 30. UML has just recently moved their program from D2 to D1 status, still in the midst

Top Coach 64: Jim Martin, Rhode Island

Typically, I’ve got information that needs updating by time I chat with our coaches, but today much has transpired from the time I scheduled Jim Martin until the time of our interview. You see, he was the head coach at D2 Merrimack College. As of this week, he is the top assistant coach at D1

Top Coach Update: Rob Cooper

Back in November, 2013, episode 18 featured the first year coach at Penn State University, Rob Cooper.  In this episode of Top Coach Update, we bring Coach Cooper back to talk about what almost every coach is doing right now — welcoming back to campus all of their returning players and getting their new recruits

Top Coach Update: Dan McDonnell, Louisville

Several of the coaches we’ve talked to in the last year have discussed recruiting northern players. Our guests in episodes, 20, 44, and 45, Kevin McMullan and Brian O’Connor have done quite well for the University of Virginia by bringing in not only northern pitchers, but many northern position players. In this episode of Top

Top Coach Update: Doug Schreiber, Purdue

Way back in episode 4, we got a chance to talk to Purdue University head coach Doug Schreiber. One of the topics for which Coach Schreiber has become a spokesman is what many see as an uneven playing field for northern baseball teams. We caught up with Coach Schreiber this week when his Boilermakers traveled

Top Coach Update: Matt Magers, Minnesota State

Matt Magers, head coach at Minnesota State-Mankato, was our guest in episode 7. Today he’s back to talk about the weather. Yes, who doesn’t like talking about the weather? Well, baseball coaches, for one. Coach Magers’ Mavericks had to play their first 31 baseball games on the road this season. And to top it all

TC38: Erik Bakich, Michigan

The Jack Leggett coaching tree is big and strong, but almost as amazing is the legacy left by the late Keith LeClair (Western Carolina, East Carolina). Erick Bakich is a product of both. Bakich started in California, but soon joined former guest Cliff Godwin as players for LeClair at East Carolina. It was LeClair who

TC37: Blake Beemer, Penn State

Volunteer coaches abound in baseball, but the volunteer coaches at the NCAA D1 level are a bit different. There are a good percentage of these guys who are retired coaches and still have a lot to offer, but don’t really need a paying gig. The largest percentage of D1 volunteer coaches, however, are guys like

TC30: Ed Blankmeyer, St. John’s

There are people you speak to where passion seems to ooze out of every pore. Ed Blankmeyer is one of those guys. His legacy appears to be set in cement, but that hasn’t left him resting on his laurels. He continues to push the St. John’s program forward as if it was his first coaching

Top Coach 27: Steve Owens, Bryant University

Another episode and another Northeast guy. Bryant University’s Steve Owens is Northeast through and though, having spent his entire life in the Northeast, with the exception of a short stint in West Virginia, courtesy of the Chicago Cubs. And thanks to the Cubs, we’ve got our fourth top tier college coach that was either drafted

TC18: Rob Cooper, Penn State

Rob Cooper’s baseball has taken him all over the United States…and the world. Growing up in California and playing in Florida only marked the beginning. He’s been all over the country as an assistant coach and head coach. Now his work with USA Baseball is taking him all over the globe. But Cooper’s mind is firmly

TC3: Mark Kingston, Illinois State University

Normal, Illinois a go-to destination for high school baseball players looking to play at the next level? You bet! Especially when Illinois State’s Mark Kingston is doing the selling. Find out why Kingston was considered one of the nation’s top recruiters while the recruiting coordinator at Tulane and why he has consistently brought in the

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