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TC244: Mike Deegan, Denison University (part 2)

After an amazing response to part 1, we’ve got Denison University head baseball coach, Mike Deegan, back for part 2. In addition to having a great microphone for the interview, he’s got too many other things going for him to list. As I mentioned, the feedback we’ve gotten from part 1 was pretty amazing. Seems that Coach

TC243: Mike Deegan, Denison University

Today’s guest is another example of the quality coaches that labor in in relative obscurity in the NCAA Division 3 ranks. Anyone who knows coaching will tell you that some of the best coaches in the country are practicing their craft at the D3 level. Mike Deegan is one of the most respected coaches in

TC240: Craig Rainey, Adrian College

Couldn’t believe it is only our fourth trip to the great baseball state of Michigan! Only the fourth, but we’re making it count with someone who’s been able to sustain success for 25 years at Adrian College in Adrian, Michigan. Head coach Craig Rainey has seen an incredible run the last 15 seasons or so,

TC236: Dan Pepicelli, Cornell

He got his start in the NCAA Division 3 ranks in New York state and jumped to the biggest of big time, landing in Clemson, South Carolina on Jack Leggett’s staff for six years. When the Leggett era ended at Clemson, Dan Pepicelli had a decision to make and it appeared that the door opened

TC232: Todd Carroll, MIT

Recruiting is a difficult proposition at best. What if I shrink your potential recruit pool exponentially? That’s what I imagine that Todd Carroll is up against at MIT. Coach Carroll, assistant coach and recruiting coordinator at one the nation’s elite academic institutions, would tell you that his task is actually made easier because of what

TC217: Kevin Schneider, Immaculata University

Kevin Schneider has proven himself as a successful travel organization coach/administrator and high school coach — including a state championship and three consecutive city championships. Now he’s hoping to parlay that success into a run of success at the NCAA D3 level at Immaculata University. In this episode, we talk to Coach Schneider about Catholic

TC216: Ed Flaherty, Southern Maine (encore)

This is the first time we’ve presented an episode a second time. I’m often asked for episode recommendations and this is one that comes up often. Southern Maine’s Ed Flaherty is held in high regard by almost every person that’s ever meet him. One of the things you’ll quickly discover when listening to this interview

TC201: David Valesente, Wells College

There are just not a lot of brand new programs starting each season, but when they do, it’s fascinating to peek inside and see what all needs to be done to get the program off the ground. Today we’re talking to David Valesente, head coach of the new program at Wells College in New York

TC198: Matt McGuire, Roanoke College

Back to one of our favorite states to visit with Matt McGuire, head coach at Roanoke College in the very strong Old Dominion Athletic Conference. Coach McGuire grew up not far from Roanoke College, so this was like a homecoming. He played his college baseball at William & Mary, recruited to replace our good friend

TC191: Nick Puccio, Nichols College

We’re heading way up into the Northeast this week to talk to the head coach at NCAA D3 Nichols College in Dudley, Massachussets, Nick Puccio. After listening to Coach Puccio for just a few minutes, you’ll see why this young coach is able to rally the troops. He took a program that had been down

TC190: Tom Austin, Methodist University

37 years, over 1100 wins, and 6 NCAA D3 College World Series appearances. That’s a pretty good resume right there,. But there’s so much more to Tom Austin, as you’ll find out in this interview. Coach Austin knew from a young age that he had an interest in coaching, as illustrated (literally) by the plays

TC 180: Bill Kurich, Webster University

Bill Kurich is in his tenth season at Webster University in St. Louis. What he’s done there is nothing short of amazing. I first became aware of Webster when they were taking on some really solid Mark Kingston-led Illinois State teams in back-to-back seasons. Although they lost both games, this D3 school from St. Louis

TC159: Ben Spotts, Eastern Mennonite

It’s one thing to step into a program with a demonstrated commitment to baseball. It’s another thing entirely to commit your foreseeable future to a school that has never before really demonstrated that baseball is a high priority. Such is the case with Ben Spotts and the baseball program at Eastern Mennonite University in Harrisonburg,

TC148: Brian Harrison, Baldwin-Wallace

Another coach who grew up in the shadow of the campus where he would eventually coach. What makes it better is that he married his childhood sweetheart. Yes, life is good for the head coach at Baldwin-Wallace University, Brian Harrison. Taking over for 43 year veteran, Bob Fisher, Coach Harrison is now headed into year

TC126: Neil Ioviero, Kean University

If I had to use one word to describe Kean University head coach Neil Ioviero, it would be passion. If there’s one thing that draws me to a person in any walk of life, it’s a passion for something — anything. In fact, I feel bad for people who aren’t passionate about something. It didn’t

TC119: Joe Brown, SUNY Cortland

Want to see an impressive resume? Look no further. As I mention in the interview, this could have been a very long intro. Joe Brown and his program at SUNY Cortland has a very full trophy cabinet up there in New York. Visits to the D3 World Series are such a normal event that they

TC74: Chris Bessey, UMaine-Farmington

Today’s guest is really representative of the vast majority of coaches, in that coaching only makes up a small part of what he does. In addition to his head coaching duties at D3 University of Maine-Farmington, Chris Bessey also runs a graphic design business with his brothers, coaches basketball, and referees football. And, oh yeah,