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TC 179: Chris Domingue, Louisiana-Lafayette

His title is Director of Baseball Operations, but Chris Domingue (pronounced Doh’ mang) is almost singularly focused on one thing at Louisiana-Lafayette — and that’s academics. This is in addition to his full time gig as assistant fire chief. And this guy knows his way around the block academically. A guy who once flunked out of

Top Coach 178: Butch Thompson, Auburn

Long mentioned among the top assistant coaches in NCAA Division 1 baseball, Butch Thompson finally gets his shot to direct things as he guides Auburn Baseball in his first season as head coach. Coach Thompson has a resume that looks very similar to many others in his position, having stops at many schools and, as the old saying

TC 177: Chris Lemonis, Indiana

Chris Lemonis is a Texas boy who, with each move appears to be getting father and farther from the Lone Star State. After spending time at his alma mater, The Citadel, Coach Lemonis joined his former teammate Dan McDonnell at Louisville for a very successful run. After Tracy Smith left Indiana for Arizona State, Chris moved

TC172: Rick Heller, Iowa (part 2)

Last May, right before the NCAA tournament got under way, we talked to Iowa coach Rick Heller, whose Hawkeyes had caught a lot of analysts and opponents by surprise and were riding a wave of success — all the way into the top 25. They didn’t make it as far as he and his squad

TC166: Jack Leggett

His name is nearly synonymous with winning in NCAA D1 baseball. The legacy he left behind at Clemson is nearly unparalleled. The numbers speak for themselves. But it’s the lives that have been touched by Jack Leggett and the road that he’s paved for coaches, especially those from the Northeast, that will be a hallmark

TC165: Rick Eckstein, Kentucky

Rick Eckstein had everything going for him as a golfer — a pretty good one by all accounts, he laid his clubs aside after his sophomore season in high school to focus on baseball. Doesn’t sound like he has any regrets. Although his resume is long — including a stint as a bowling coach —

TC158: David Esquer, Cal-Berkeley

From his time as a walk-on at Stanford to the near program shutdown at Cal, David Esquer had bucked the odds. He knows what it takes to work hard and to overcome. And in his wake he’s left a line of success, both as a player and a coach. Coach Esquer currently leads a University

TC155: Larry Bragga, Tennessee Tech

We’ve got a long overdue interview with a Director of Baseball Operations. We’re seeing this position pop up more and more — and not just in D1 baseball. Seems the idea is really catching on. And after listening to this episode, you may just want to explore the position a little further yourself. You might

TC154: Jonathan Hadra, VMI

Virginia Military Institute is the third smallest school in D1 baseball, but their accomplishments and aspirations are large. Head coach Jonathan Hadra is a VMI grad who’s in his second season as head coach and he sees no limit on what the Keydets can do. Recent upgrades to the facilities, along with some planned upgrades,

TC151: Joey Seal, Norfolk State

Joey Seal is a hustler. He may be a least tied for the hardest working guy in college coaching. Norfolk State doesn’t have a lot of the bells and whistles of their fellow D1 programs, but you’d never know it from watching Coach Seal. After a stellar four year career for the Spartans, the local

TC146: Tony Robichaux, Louisiana Lafayette (part 2)

Part 2 of The Cajun Way with Louisiana-Lafayette‘s Tony Robichaux! This time we talk a great deal about staffing (and staff development), recruiting, and philosophy. Of course, Coach Robichaux’s passion comes through in every topic we cover — including…PASSION! We get into the topic of what Coach Robichaux’s priorities are in coaching — that is, making

TC144: Justin Hill, McNeese State

Justin Hill envisioned a restaurant career after college, but soon determined that baseball is where he really belonged. So he kept bugging former guest Mitch Gaspard until he finally gave him a job. It wasn’t all that long ago, but like most coaches, he’s got plenty of stops along the way that have finally brought him

TC143: Mitch Gaspard, Alabama

We’ve got another coach that came from what appears to be the cradle of big time college baseball coaches, Northwestern State. That was just one stop along the way for Mitch Gaspard, who now helms the program at the University of Alabama. Speaking of cradles, Gaspard got his start as a collegiate player at LSU

TC140: Jim Penders, UConn

His father was a high school coach and his grandfather was a high school coach — both with four state championship trophies to show for their efforts. Even though Jim Penders took a brief foray over to the Dark Side (briefly dabbling in politics), he appeared to be destined to return to coaching. And coaching

TC137: Chris Finwood, Old Dominion

We do indeed love Virginia and we love baseball in the state of Virginia. Today we’re talking to the head coach at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia, Chris Finwood. Coach Finwood has taken a long route — not unlike many college baseball coaches — and ended up in the old neighborhood. He played his

TC131: Tim Jamieson, Missouri

Out of the frying pan, into the fire. That must be how is felt for the University of Missouri as they left the tough Big 12 and entered the arguably tougher SEC. But don’t shed any tears for the Tigers, as they appear to be holding there own. Head coach Tim Jamieson admittedly has a steep

TC127: Keith Guttin, Missouri State

Missouri State University has fielded a baseball team for 52 years. For 38 of those years, Keith Guttin has been affiliated with the program, the past 33 as head coach. He’s had an incredible run and is still going strong. There is a lot of good information in this episode for young coaches and experienced

Top Coach 125: Mik Aoki, Notre Dame

You’ll hear some familiar stories in this interview. He’s from Massachusetts. He mowed lawns early on to support his “coaching habit.” He was a catcher (and an infielder). This and more will ring some familiar bells with coaches. It’s always interesting to hear what path a coach took along the way. And Mik Aoki‘s path, like

Top Coach 114: Bobby Pierce, Troy University

He’s had a good long run, but at season’s end Bobby Pierce will be calling it quits at Troy University. Growing up in north central Florida, except for a brief stretch when he was at the University of Alabama-Huntsville, he’s never strayed far from the area in northern florida-southern Alabama. Like most young athletes, Coach Pierce played

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