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TC229: Matt Parker, Oklahoma Wesleyan

My goodness! For as big a baseball hotbed that is Oklahoma, I just realized that this is only our second visit to the state and the first at the collegiate level. Well, we’ve got a good one for you, that’s for sure! Matt Parker is the head coach at Oklahoma Wesleyan University, one of the

TC 175: Monte Brooks, The Master’s College

I refer to these types of schools generically as “specialty schools.” That is, schools that have some kind of unique barrier to entry, other than the varying degrees of academic requirements. We’ve had many of these schools represented in the past on Top Coach — military schools like VMI and other narrow focus schools like Philadelphia’s

Top Coach 42: Dusty Rhodes

In the old days they used to call folks like this “the genuine article” or “the real deal”. That’s what you get when you meet ABCA Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes. He is one of the most respected coaches in the game, but he strikes you as just a plain ol’ good guy — the

Top Coach 40: Brian McRae, Park University

Brian McRae had a real solid 10 year Major League career with the Royals, Mets, Cubs, Rockies, and Blue Jays — 16 years total in pro ball. His post-playing career found him working in various baseball-related positions, primarily in broadcasting. As he yearned for a more dependable schedule, he headed back home to Kansas City