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TC225: Billy Wagner, The Miller School (VA)

We’ve had coaches on as Top Coach guests that very few people have heard of. What is amazing is that we’ve had hall of fame coaches that aren’t known outside their immediate area. Coaches are used to laboring in obscurity. Most of them are not in this career for the spotlight. Today’s guest had significant

TC 203: Adam Rosales, San Diego Padres

We veer just a bit off of our traditional path today to talk to Adam Rosales of the San Diego Padres. Adam will give us some great insight into what he learned from his coaches and other important people in his life that helped to propel him to Major League Baseball. Adam also discusses some

Top Coach 59: Jim Parque, Big League Edge

This week we’re visiting with former MLB pitcher and first round draft pick of the Chicago White Sox, Jim Parque. Jim is currently with the company he founded in 2004, Big League Edge, in Auburn, Washington. Jim grew up in Southern California and fell in love with baseball at a very early age. He had

Top Coach 40: Brian McRae, Park University

Brian McRae had a real solid 10 year Major League career with the Royals, Mets, Cubs, Rockies, and Blue Jays — 16 years total in pro ball. His post-playing career found him working in various baseball-related positions, primarily in broadcasting. As he yearned for a more dependable schedule, he headed back home to Kansas City

Top Coach 32: Derek Johnson, Chicago Cubs

With hires like this one, it can’t be long until the Chicago Cubs are playing in October. Okay, some wishful HOPING on this Cub fan’s part, but there’s no doubt that the Cubs’ front office has their mind right when they brought Derek Johnson aboard as the director of minor league pitching for the organization.