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TC102: John Cohen, Mississippi State (part 2)

We welcome back for a second part to our great conversation, Mississippi State University head coach John Cohen. In this episode, Coach Cohen talks about the work/life balance, what he thinks of today’s student-athlete, practice efficiency, leadership, and recruiting. Part 1 of our interview with Coach Cohen can be found here. Nick Mingione’s training website at WinWithNick.com. Training

TC97: John Cohen, Mississippi State (part 1)

One of the most storied collegiate baseball programs in the country has produced some great players. One of those great players eventually became the head coach. On this episode, we’re talking to the head coach at Mississippi State University, John Cohen. And bucking the trend somewhat, he’s one of the few outfielders that has become

Top Coach 61: Jim Page, Millsaps College

Sometimes Top Coach gets a known quantity in a D1 coach who gets his share of media attention. Sometimes, however, we uncover a hidden gem who’s just plying his trade without the intrusion of SportsCenter cameras or the many magazines or web sites devoted to college baseball. Today’s guest has been laboring away — successfully,

Top Coach 28, Cliff Godwin, Ole Miss

Cliff Godwin is another one of those assistants who’s getting a lot of attention. Coach Godwin is known for his enthusiasm — and that’s on top of all the other things that makes for a good baseball coach. Like Tulane’s Rick Jones, Godwin is a small town guy from North Carolina. Cliff had dreams of