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TC232: Todd Carroll, MIT

Recruiting is a difficult proposition at best. What if I shrink your potential recruit pool exponentially? That’s what I imagine that Todd Carroll is up against at MIT. Coach Carroll, assistant coach and recruiting coordinator at one the nation’s elite academic institutions, would tell you that his task is actually made easier because of what

TC202: Mike Gambino, Boston College (part 2)

We are excited to welcome Boston College head coach Mike Gambino back for a second episode! In part 1, Coach Gambino shared a lot about his overall philosophies. This episode we drill down quite a bit to talk about the ACC and changing conference affiliations, travel (as a practical matter), “family dinners”, the work/life balance, “selling” a program vs.

TC200: Mike Gambino, Boston College (part 1)

When you think of ACC baseball, you’re not necessarily thinking of a team in the Northeast, but Boston College certainly got some folks to do a geographical readjustment this season. Coming out of a very tough ACC Atlantic division, the Eagles finished just one game shy of Omaha, losing a three game Super Regional to

TC191: Nick Puccio, Nichols College

We’re heading way up into the Northeast this week to talk to the head coach at NCAA D3 Nichols College in Dudley, Massachussets, Nick Puccio. After listening to Coach Puccio for just a few minutes, you’ll see why this young coach is able to rally the troops. He took a program that had been down

Top Coach 108: Mike Zandler, Harvard

“Be where your feet are.” “Do the best job where you’re at.” These are just a couple of the admonitions we’re heard from the wise voices that have appeared on top coach. We might add another on the heels of today’s interview with Harvard University‘s Mike Zandler. That is, learn to be content wherever you

Top Coach 66: Brendan Monaghan, UMass-Lowell

This week, we’re catching up with UMass-Lowell assistant coach, Brendan Monaghan. Monaghan is another of the many coaches we’ve talked to with a direct link to St. John’s and coach Ed Blankmeyer, who we interviewed back in episode 30. UML has just recently moved their program from D2 to D1 status, still in the midst