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TC231: Travis Jewett, Tulane

Next up to the plate in a long line of great coaches at Tulane University is Travis Jewett. When Rick Jones retired a few years ago after a wonderful run at Tulane, David Pierce stepped in briefly before he got plucked by Texas to replace Augie Garrido. That left Tulane in a tight spot, opening up

TC 179: Chris Domingue, Louisiana-Lafayette

His title is Director of Baseball Operations, but Chris Domingue (pronounced Doh’ mang) is almost singularly focused on one thing at Louisiana-Lafayette — and that’s academics. This is in addition to his full time gig as assistant fire chief. And this guy knows his way around the block academically. A guy who once flunked out of

TC146: Tony Robichaux, Louisiana Lafayette (part 2)

Part 2 of The Cajun Way with Louisiana-Lafayette‘s Tony Robichaux! This time we talk a great deal about staffing (and staff development), recruiting, and philosophy. Of course, Coach Robichaux’s passion comes through in every topic we cover — including…PASSION! We get into the topic of what Coach Robichaux’s priorities are in coaching — that is, making

TC144: Justin Hill, McNeese State

Justin Hill envisioned a restaurant career after college, but soon determined that baseball is where he really belonged. So he kept bugging former guest Mitch Gaspard until he finally gave him a job. It wasn’t all that long ago, but like most coaches, he’s got plenty of stops along the way that have finally brought him

Top Coach 48: Rick Jones, Tulane

This is not our usual coach interview, as this one comes on the heels of the announcement that Tulane coach Rick Jones is retiring…and far too early. Seems that the stresses of the coaching game, combined with a family history of heart disease, have led Coach Jones and his doctors to make the difficult call

Top Coach 12: Paul Mainieri, LSU

Paul Mainieri runs one of the most respected and robust college baseball programs in the country. LSU is one of a handful of programs in the NCAA that pays for itself. Mainieri has a long list of former assistants and players that have moved into coaching and his opinions on the coaching profession are sought

Top Coach 8: Rick Jones, Tulane University

We could have spent the entire show talking about barbecue and Andy Griffith, but we finally got around to baseball. It appears that Tulane University’s Rick Jones knows almost as much about barbecue as he does baseball. And for you fans of the Andy Griffith Show, a little trivia — Jones played his Legion ball