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TC167: International Panel, ABCA 2016

Much like the effort to grow soccer in the U.S., there are organizations making a concerted effort to go against the grain all over the world in trying to develop the game of baseball in cultures that have other priorities. Each year there’s a contingent of coaches that make a longer trek to the ABCA

Top Coach Update: Liam Carroll

In episode 9, we got an update on all things baseball in Great Britain from then development director for BaseballSoftballUK and coach of the GB Lions, Liam Carroll. Liam has since moved on and is making a go of it as a freelandce baseball coach around England and Europe. Not only is Liam coaching these

TC9: Liam Carroll, Great Britain Lions

The developments in baseball around the world are pretty exciting. Of course, we all see just how strong the game is in the far east and in Central America, but baseball is gaining a foothold in places like Africa and getting some real traction in places where it’s laid a bit dormant, like Europe. Liam