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TC 177: Chris Lemonis, Indiana

Chris Lemonis is a Texas boy who, with each move appears to be getting father and farther from the Lone Star State. After spending time at his alma mater, The Citadel, Coach Lemonis joined his former teammate Dan McDonnell at Louisville for a very successful run. After Tracy Smith left Indiana for Arizona State, Chris moved

Top Coach 125: Mik Aoki, Notre Dame

You’ll hear some familiar stories in this interview. He’s from Massachusetts. He mowed lawns early on to support his “coaching habit.” He was a catcher (and an infielder). This and more will ring some familiar bells with coaches. It’s always interesting to hear what path a coach took along the way. And Mik Aoki‘s path, like

Top Coach Update: Doug Schreiber, Purdue

Way back in episode 4, we got a chance to talk to Purdue University head coach Doug Schreiber. One of the topics for which Coach Schreiber has become a spokesman is what many see as an uneven playing field for northern baseball teams. We caught up with Coach Schreiber this week when his Boilermakers traveled