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TC237: Jim Collins, Uncommon Hope

I’ve known Jim Collins for years. Although we met through baseball, it just so happens that Jim and his three siblings grew up a couple of houses away from my wife and her three siblings in the tiny town of Towanda, Illinois, right on Route 66. I wish that my interview with Jim in this

TC 203: Adam Rosales, San Diego Padres

We veer just a bit off of our traditional path today to talk to Adam Rosales of the San Diego Padres. Adam will give us some great insight into what he learned from his coaches and other important people in his life that helped to propel him to Major League Baseball. Adam also discusses some

TC163: Mark Smith, Providence Catholic HS (IL)

This former Providence Catholic High School player thought he had a good gig going. Mark Smith was delivering milk in the morning and coaching with the legendary Wayne King at Joliet Junior College. That is, until he found out that the long time baseball coach at Providence was leaving. The opportunity was too good to

TC161: Wayne King Joliet JC

We’re making the short drive up old Route 66 today to talk to the long time head coach at Joliet Junior College, Wayne King. The home to the Blues Brothers and Rudy, Joliet also lays claim to being the first two-year college in the country. How many coaches can say they’re going to work every

TC135: Josh Rabe, Quincy University

Continuing our NCAA D2 theme, today we are happy to welcome to Top Coach the head guy at Quincy (IL) University, Josh Rabe. He is a somewhat local guy, having grown up on a farm in Illinois. The only straying he’s done is while playing professional baseball for nine years. After his playing days were

TC115: Bo Durkac, Illinois State (part 1)

After two-time Top Coach guest Mark Kingston moved on to the warmer climate of Tampa, Florida, Bo Durkac had a decision to make: Make the trip south with Coach Kingston or stay behind and throw his cap in the ring for the open head coaching position at Illinois State? For Coach Durkac, it was a tension-filled

Top Coach 63: Josh Kauten, K’s Academy

Former successful pitching coach at Heartland Community College, Josh Kauten has stepped down from his official coaching duties at Heartland to focus on his growing family. He has not given up on coaching entirely, however, as he has launched K’s Academy in Bloomington/Normal, Illinois. Consider Coach Kauten our Pitching Coach in Residence. He will occasionally

TC54: Billy Dubois, Lexington Snipes

Road trip! Make that Mother Road trip! We took the short drive up Old Route 66 to Lexington, Illinois to visit with the general manager of the Lexington Snipes, Billy Dubois. Billy is one of those guys that you’d refer to as a baseball lifer. You think you wear a lot of hats in your

Top Coach 24: Wayne Meyer, LeRoy (IL) HS

Given that a significant portion of our Top Coach community is made up of high school coaches, I really intended to get a high school coach on here sooner. For our first guest I didn’t go checking any hall of fame lists, but rather called up an old buddy, great high school coach and teacher,

TC3: Mark Kingston, Illinois State University

Normal, Illinois a go-to destination for high school baseball players looking to play at the next level? You bet! Especially when Illinois State’s Mark Kingston is doing the selling. Find out why Kingston was considered one of the nation’s top recruiters while the recruiting coordinator at Tulane and why he has consistently brought in the