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TC205: Mike Rooney: ESPN, Perfect Game

Oh, it’s a good day whenever we get our good friend, Mike Rooney, back on the line. As usual with Roons, we’re all over the board with the topics. Today’s smorgasbord includes: T.D. Ameritrade Stadium in Omaha College World Series review The state of college baseball (scholarships, roster limits, paid coaching positions) 2016 coaching changes

TC129: Mike Rooney, ESPN

Our resident Renaissance Man is back with us today for an end of the season recap and a D1 tournament preview. And, of course, UNIFORMS! Yes, when Mike Rooney is on board, our conversation can go anywhere. However, we’re stretching it at 45 minutes. We love having Roons as a guest on Top Coach and

Top Coach Update: Mike Rooney, ESPN

Who needs detailed statistical analysis to pick the favorites for the upcoming College World Series when you can do it based on uniforms?! Yes, we’ve brought back our favorite ESPN analyst and uniform guru, Mike Rooney (rhymes with uni). In our last full Top Coach chat with Mike, he talked about the good and bad

Top Coach 47: Mike Rooney, ESPN

In episode 47, Top Coach welcomes back a favorite that we hope becomes a regular. ESPN college baseball analyst Mike Rooney is getting very busy right now, but not to busy to come and talk to us about conference tournaments, NCAA tournament sleepers, good tournament coaches, and UNIFORMS! Yes, we love uni-talk! Make sure to