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TC207: Rich Hill, University of San Diego (part 2)

We are thrilled to welcome back for a part two, the head coach at the University of San Diego, Rich Hill. In this episode, Coach Hill talks about the benefits he derived from coaching in the legendary Cape Cod League for many summers. We also talk about the value of high school baseball and summer travel (and showcase) baseball,

TC 183: Quincey Noble, McNair HS (CA)

Quincey Noble has seen and worked in much of the country and has worked at many levels during his coaching journey. All of those experiences have brought him to McNair High School in Stockton, California where it’s obvious that he’s found his real mission in life. Unlike some of our guests who grew up on

TC 181: Jason Dietrich, Cal State-Fullerton

He admittedly kind of stumbled into coaching, but it has been nothing but head down and learning his craft since he’s stepped into the arena. Jason Dietrich is in his fourth season as pitching coach for the well-respected program at Cal State Fullerton. He’s learned from some of the best along the way, including the

TC 175: Monte Brooks, The Master’s College

I refer to these types of schools generically as “specialty schools.” That is, schools that have some kind of unique barrier to entry, other than the varying degrees of academic requirements. We’ve had many of these schools represented in the past on Top Coach — military schools like VMI and other narrow focus schools like Philadelphia’s

TC168: Steve Springer, QualityAtBats.com

We’re happy today to welcome to Top Coach Steve Springer of QualityAtBats.com. Steve is much in demand across the country, talking about the mental approach to hitting. Steve’s got a great personal story and the thousands of players each year sit in on Steve’s presentations can relate at some point to their own place in

TC158: David Esquer, Cal-Berkeley

From his time as a walk-on at Stanford to the near program shutdown at Cal, David Esquer had bucked the odds. He knows what it takes to work hard and to overcome. And in his wake he’s left a line of success, both as a player and a coach. Coach Esquer currently leads a University

TC150: Dave Taylor, Cal State Chico

This week we’re headed back out to the Golden State to talk to the head coach of Cal State Chico (or Chico State as they’re known locally), Dave Taylor. Being a former catcher, we take a little time to pick Coach Taylor’s brain about the catching position. We’re also happy to talk to Coach Taylor about his experiences at

TC141: Tom Meusborn, Chatsworth (CA) HS

Tom Meusborn is a legend in Southern California high school coaching, having racked up many championships and guiding his team to such lofty heights that they were named by at least one source as the best high school baseball program of the first decade of the 21st century. At one point, Meusborn’s Chatsworth High School

Top Coach 98: Steve Rodriguez, Pepperdine

Every post he makes on Twitter is part travelogue, part recruiting poster. This is definitely one interview that I would have liked to do in person, as the Malibu campus of Pepperdine University is one of the most picturesque in all of college sports. Today we’re talking to head coach at Pepperdine, Steve Rodriguez. Coach

Top Coach 50: Steve Friend, Chabot College

Steve Friend is an alumnus of Chabot College in Heyward, California and has been their head coach since 1989. Chabot is a junior college with an enrollment of over 15,000. As Coach Friend says it, Chabot is “a blue collar program” whose players know how to work hard. Steve has no shortage of alumni that want