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TC 177: Chris Lemonis, Indiana

Chris Lemonis is a Texas boy who, with each move appears to be getting father and farther from the Lone Star State. After spending time at his alma mater, The Citadel, Coach Lemonis joined his former teammate Dan McDonnell at Louisville for a very successful run. After Tracy Smith left Indiana for Arizona State, Chris moved

TC172: Rick Heller, Iowa (part 2)

Last May, right before the NCAA tournament got under way, we talked to Iowa coach Rick Heller, whose Hawkeyes had caught a lot of analysts and opponents by surprise and were riding a wave of success — all the way into the top 25. They didn’t make it as far as he and his squad

Top Coach Update: Rob Cooper

Back in November, 2013, episode 18 featured the first year coach at Penn State University, Rob Cooper.  In this episode of Top Coach Update, we bring Coach Cooper back to talk about what almost every coach is doing right now — welcoming back to campus all of their returning players and getting their new recruits

TC38: Erik Bakich, Michigan

The Jack Leggett coaching tree is big and strong, but almost as amazing is the legacy left by the late Keith LeClair (Western Carolina, East Carolina). Erick Bakich is a product of both. Bakich started in California, but soon joined former guest Cliff Godwin as players for LeClair at East Carolina. It was LeClair who

TC37: Blake Beemer, Penn State

Volunteer coaches abound in baseball, but the volunteer coaches at the NCAA D1 level are a bit different. There are a good percentage of these guys who are retired coaches and still have a lot to offer, but don’t really need a paying gig. The largest percentage of D1 volunteer coaches, however, are guys like

TC18: Rob Cooper, Penn State

Rob Cooper’s baseball has taken him all over the United States…and the world. Growing up in California and playing in Florida only marked the beginning. He’s been all over the country as an assistant coach and head coach. Now his work with USA Baseball is taking him all over the globe. But Cooper’s mind is firmly