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TC239: Jeremy Sheetinger, Top Coach Commencement

In what we hope becomes an annual tradition at Top Coach, Jeremy Sheetinger, college division liaison for the ABCA, gives our first ever Top Coach Commencement speech. Consider this a “sending off” for new coaches, as well as words of wisdom and encouragement for newer and veteran coaches. This episode is going to knock your

TC211: Jeremy Sheetinger, ABCA

Jeremy Sheetinger has listed as his title at the American Baseball Coaches Association (ABCA) website – College Division Liaison. But that doesn’t being to tell the story. If they printed everything he did on his business card, it would have to be in very small type or on a very large card. Jeremy is one

TC171: Jeremy Sheetinger, ABCA

Jeremy Sheetinger. Remember the name, because if you coach baseball, he’ll probably be talking to you at some point very soon. He was the James Brown of the ABCA convention — the hardest working man in Nashville — and the hard work continues. As the college division liaison for the American Baseball Coaches Association, his

Top Coach Meet-Up in Nashville!

It has just been brought to my attention that my documentation for our next Top Coach Meet-Up is woefully inadequate. So here you go! Our Top Coach Meet-Ups are just a way for folks in the Top Coach community to get together, talk some baseball, and finally put a face to a name. We had

TC130: Craig Keilitz, ABCA

  If you are reading this and you are not a member of the American Baseball Coaches Association then stop reading right now and go register. Do it! The ABCA is one of the finest industry organizations in the nation. What is offered to baseball coaches for the small investment is incredible. The cherry on

Reflections on ABCA Orlando

by Jack Warren It’s been one week since I arrived in Orlando for the annual meeting of baseball coaches that make up the ABCA. I didn’t know fully what to expect. I’ve been around coaches my entire life and even around hundreds of coaches at one time, but never before experienced something of this magnitude

Maximizing Your Conference Investment

by Jack Warren With the ABCA convention quickly approaching, this is the time to develop a strategy for how to get the most out of your investment of time, money, and resources. The folks at the ABCA have made the annual coaches convention an incredibly affordable option for coaches at every level. And if you’ve

Top Coach 71: Craig Keilitz, ABCA

Nearly one year ago, we spoke to the then director of the American Baseball Coaches Association, Dave Keilitz in episode 14. Dave had announced his retirement by that point, but what we didn’t know was that his replacement would be his son, former athletic director at North Carolina’s High Point University, Craig Keilitz. Craig has

Top Coach 42: Dusty Rhodes

In the old days they used to call folks like this “the genuine article” or “the real deal”. That’s what you get when you meet ABCA Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes. He is one of the most respected coaches in the game, but he strikes you as just a plain ol’ good guy — the

Top Coach 14: Dave Keilitz, ABCA

50 years in baseball is a satisfying way to spend your life. Dave Keilitz has spent the last 20 as Executive Director of the American Baseball Coaches Association and will oversee his last coaches’ convention in Dallas this coming January. The Michigan native has no regrets as he moves on and assures everyone that he