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Nice article from a local perspective, talking about the importance of facilities, particularly when it comes to recruiting and overall success of the program. Featured in this article is Shippensburg University assistant baseball coach, Anthony Renz.

While academics are at the nucleus of all universities, athletic programs are the outer core of the college experience and have huge impacts on successes of students and universities.

Because of the influence athletics have on universities, a key factor into a successful athletic program is the task of maintaining and updating athletic facilities, which allow student-athletes to have memorable experiences.

Shippensburg University’s athletic programs are NCAA Division II members and compete in the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference (PSAC). The majority of SU’s athletic facilities were built in the 1970s and many of them are still in use today.

While these buildings are in functional condition today, improvements are continually evaluated and worked on by SU’s Athletic Department in conjunction with the Facilities Management and Planning Department.

Within the past few seasons, SU student-athletes have seen small but substantial improvements to facilities they use on a daily-basis. Due to the recent installment of a loop road behind SU Baseball’s Fairchild Field, the bullpen and batting cages were repositioned. During the repositioning, the decision was made to expand the bullpen and batting cage areas.

Shippensburg Baseball Volunteer Coach Anthony Renz, who played his colligate career at PSAC East Division school Mansfield University, believes the new bullpens are a significant upgrade and allows SU to standout among the rest of the conference.

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