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 5 Tips to Help Avoid Arm Injury  Josh Kauten  5 important arm care tips for pitchers
 5 Questions to Help Your Players Prepare for the Future  Mark Daniels  Helping your high schooler to think about college choices
 Cut Through the Clutter and Get Noticed  Jack Warren  A guide for aspiring coaches
 Maximize Your Conference Investment  Jack Warren  How to get the most out of your conference and clinic attendance
 College Conversations  Ryan McGinnis  Questions to help your high school players through the college process
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  1. I think Matt Palm would be a good interview as he is now the AD at Heidelberg University (OH). Last year was his first year not being the head baseball coach. He did a phenomenal job building Heidelberg into a Regional and National contender every year in D3.
    I really enjoy your interviews with these coaches. They are very insightful.
    Thanks for your time.

  2. Wow…I really love this podcast. The value it has created for me as a parent and coach at the youth level with my son and daughters cannot be overstated. It has helped me tremendously to hear the insights and the introspect from the “Top Coaches” in the world! Keep em coming! I do have a recommendation for a future guest, Coach Mark Monaghan at Desoto Central High School in Southaven, MS. Coach Monaghan and his staff have enjoyed much success in his tenure there and he continues to churn out top talent and on field success. However, as a parent of a child who has attended some of his player led clinics for youth players, I am more impressed with the character of the players he produces! I think Coach Monaghan would be a great guest and he has some great insights into character and player development as well as perennial success in a program both on and off the field. I look forward to more episodes in the future…enjoy the sabbatical…and I hope to hear from Coach Monaghan at some point in the future. Thank you to all the Top Coach staff for what you do for the great game we all love! Play Hard! Have Fun!

  3. Hello Jack-

    Thanks for bringing powerful reflection of mentoring, coaching, and leadership through the baseball community. Lots can be learned through listening along with you the host and guests. I currently am a volunteer coach at Mound Time Baseball Academy in Hillsboro, OR. I was a college teammate of your guest Jeremiah Robbins; an inspiring and genuine mentor. I also played under another guest Terry Baumgartner while at Western Oregon; his baseball acumen is top-shelf. Thanks for bringing back some memories through those interviews.

    With that said, I have a guest recommendation of another great baseball lifer from Oregon; Coach Brooke Knight. His current tenure has been with the Corvallis Knights of the West Coast League; a premier summer college league. He is motivator, leader, and mentor to many passionate baseball players. Here is a link to his biography; I strongly encourage you to reach out as he is a true gentleman and steward in teaching people how to carry themselves on and off the diamond. Thank you for your time. Wish you safety and good health.
    Kind Regards,
    Craig Pfeifer
    ~Tualatin, OR

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