Put yourself in a position to succeed

by Jack Warren, host of the Top Coach Podcast

Seems that most people are looking for the secret formula for most everything from weight loss to getting rich. For me, I often hear from coaches young and old about the formula or recipe or path to/for that dream job in the coaching ranks. Shhhhh…here you go. Here’s the top secret formula: there is no top secret formula.

I’ve worked with close to 100 coaches and aspiring coaches in the last decade about getting started in the coaching profession or moving up within the coaching ranks. And as many guys that I’ve worked with, that’s about how many different answers there are about the best way to add some focus and direction to your career.

Sure, there are some common themes and threads, but a great deal depends upon you and your situation. Here is one commonality that is touched upon in almost every conversation I have: Put yourself in a position to succeed. The formula really isn’t so much about a path that you need to get on rather than putting yourself in a position to choose a path.

These days, that direction is being complicated by debt. More specifically, student load debt. For many, this is a self-selecting factor, as one’s ability to pay on the debt factors heavily into the kind of jobs one can accept.

That being said — and all other things being somewhat equal — it really does come down to putting yourself in a position to succeed. Being able to take most any job and move most any place. Once you determine that you want to enter the coaching profession, what is it that you’re doing to allow yourself to make those choices instead of having your circumstances dictate what you can do?

This is square one — the starting point. Once you get these things in order, then you can begin to build on your plan. We’ll discuss more of those building blocks next week.

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Photo by Kristina Flour on Unsplash

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