Play Global! can now accept donations

When we last spoke with Tom Gillespie of Play Global! in episode 19 of Top Coach, Tom told us that although they had been waiting for a year, they still had not yet made it through the approval process at the IRS for non-profit status. Although that is all still in the works, Tom informs us that they have worked out a partnership with Visions Made Viable and can now accept donations. Here’s the latest from Play Global:

Play Global! has fiscal sponsorship from Visions Made Viable, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. This allows Play Global! to accept your tax deductible donation as we wait for the IRS to grant nonprofit status. This also means that although donations are made out to Play Global!, the funds are sent to Visions Made Viable, who manages and oversees our finances according to our budget. Visions Made Viable is a nonprofit based in California and committed to helping charitable projects launch, many of which “spin-off” to become independent organizations. Please see for more information.

Play Global! has ongoing projects in Uganda and Ukraine – you can learn more on the website or at

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