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What does Louisiana State University mean to college baseball? Do me a favor; ask any high school kid in the country to name a few schools he dreams of playing college baseball for someday. Feel free to ask any player. Phoenix to Chicago and Atlanta all the way up to Pittsburgh, from any high school in the country; where do you want to play? Well, I’d be willing to bet my next paycheck that almost every single one of those players would answer with three letters in a hurry. Simply put, that’s what LSU means to college baseball.

This week, I was honored to speak with Tiger skipper and ABCA (American Baseball Coaches Association) Hall of Famer, Paul Mainieri. In his 30-plus years of coaching at St. Thomas, the Air Force Academy, Notre Dame and LSU, Coach Mainieri’s had an amazing impact on the game of baseball and the young men he has coached. Probably, more of an impact than he’ll ever know.

From what it takes to play for LSU, to his advice on committing, here is what Coach Mainieri had to say.

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