Pair of newlyweds find success in marriage and volleyball at Mizzou |

Missouri volleyball head coach Wayne and assistant coach Susan Kreklow are no strangers to partnership. They have been working to build a successful volleyball program at Mizzou since the 2000 season and previously coached together at Columbia College from 1994-99. The veteran couple has taken the Tigers to new heights over their almost two-decade run at Mizzou.

The secret to their success? Working together as a married team.

“We’ve been doing this a long time,” Wayne said. “We are comfortable working together and have developed a really solid system. We know our roles and what we each do best.”

While the over 20-year couple figured out its own key to success, the newest additions to the MU volleyball coaching family, Joshua and Molly Taylor, are diving into their first year not only as coaches but as husband and wife.

Married this past winter, Joshua and Molly Taylor share a love for volleyball, and it’s that passion for the sport that led them to each other.

“Molly was training for the women’s national team and I was training for the men’s national team in California,” Joshua Taylor said. “We just happened to meet there and 11 months later, I proposed.”

Since playing for the men’s and women’s national teams, the two have made their way to Columbia to start their new life and to begin new jobs as assistant coaches with the Tigers.

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