Nolensville (TN) football coach Will Hester loses 220 pounds in less than a year |

NOLENSVILLE — Will Hester sat down in the Nolensville (TN) football coaches office to begin to talk about the journey he’s been on the past year.

A bag of almonds sat in front of the Knights’ second-year football coach next to a half-empty bottle of water with Spark.

This is where he began to talk about how he took back his health.

Hester has lost more than 220 pounds since Sept. 25, 2016, when he weighed in at his heaviest at 465 pounds. He weighed in earlier this week at 238 pounds.

“I was miserable,” Hester said of his previous weight. “I had sleep apnea for 15 years, or 16 years.

“I’ve never really felt great.”

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