Multi-sport athletes are ‘desirable’ to most college coaches |

It’s the 10,000 Hour Rule, right? Not so fast.

There’s certainly a lot to be gained by playing more lacrosse, but playing other sports, in addition to lacrosse, seems to be the better path towards becoming the best lacrosse player you can be.

A recent NCAA study found that 88 percent of men’s Division I players and 83 percent of women’s Division I players were multi-sport athletes into their teens. Not only did all 19 U.S. women’s team players that just competed in Europe for the World Cup and International World Games play at least two sports in high school, 16 of them played at least three sports.

At the most recent US Lacrosse Convention, Maryland women’s lacrosse coach Cathy Reese brought that point up and stressed the importance of encouraging multi-sport participation to the youth, club and high school coaches at her session.

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