Maximizing Your Conference Investment

by Jack Warren

With the ABCA convention quickly approaching, this is the time to develop a strategy for how to get the most out of your investment of time, money, and resources. The folks at the ABCA have made the annual coaches convention an incredibly affordable option for coaches at every level. And if you’ve listened to any of the coaches we’ve interviewed along the way, you know just how important these types of gatherings can be for learning, discovering, refreshing, and networking.

Do not go into this convention or any clinic, conference, or seminar without being properly prepared. You can’t help but go away from any of these meetings with valuable information, but if you want to feel like you got a maximum return on your investment, make sure that you sufficiently plan on success.

With the help of many past guests on Top Coach, I’ve put together a one-page guide called Maximizing Your Conference Investment: 10 Ways to Get More from Conferences, Clinics, and Seminars. Typically, I only ask that you sign up for our email newsletter. However, from now through the end of December, I’m making this guide available to anyone who wants it, whether you sign up for the newsletter or not. Just click on this link and you’ll be taken directly to the guide. It will be time well spent and I guarantee that you will get more out of this convention than any you’ve attended before.

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