Lifestyle benefits of coaching high school football can outweigh prestige of college ranks | Salt Lake Tribune

Sky View High School coach Danilo Robinson’s heart raced as the official’s hands went up. Touchdown.

He stormed the field with his players, celebrating a walk-off score by Cole Stokes on a 1-yard fullback dive. The 99-yard scoring drive secured a 16-13 win at Mountain Crest two weeks ago.

“The thrill of competition — game day, game night — is the same feeling,” said first-year coach Danilo Robinson, who came to Sky View with mostly college coaching background. “Even Army/Navy is the same feeling I have for a game Friday night.”

Robinson is the most recent of at least six current Utah high school coaches who had a taste of coaching NCAA Division I football before leaving the college coaching ranks. In his first season as a high school coach, Robinson has led Sky View to an 8-0 record, making it one of just three teams in the state that’s still undefeated, joining Bingham and South Summit.

Plus now, as opposed to during Robinson’s travel-heavy college seasons, his 8- and 10-year-old children can rush out onto the field to congratulate him when the final whistle blows.

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