Is coaching football a risk factor for heart attacks? |

Before taking the job as Westside High athletic director, Rayvan Teague spent 29 seasons as a high school football coach, most of them as a highly-successful ones.

In coaching years, that would be about 58 seasons.

“In football season, you work two weeks within one week,” said Teague, who typically worked an 84-hour week.  “When we were in playoffs, I worked 92 hours a week,” Teague said.

“The average coach works an enormous amount of time. Most people don’t realize how much time.”

In Teague’s case, which he considers typical, “you don’t get the right amount of rest most days, and you don’t take time to eat — you grab something fast and get back to work. And even though you’re around athletes who are working out, there’s no time to exercise yourself.”

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