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MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — When you look on the sidelines of the Vikings/Saints game, you’ll see a lot money in salaries. It’s not just the players, but the coaches raking in big bucks. According to Boyd’s Bets, the combined salaries for the two head coaches is $12-million a year.

But, what about closer to home? How much do high school coaches make? Good Question.

Watching the second game of the 2017 season, fans of St. Paul Johnson and Mound-Westonka know the football coaches have already put in hundreds of hours. One mother remarked that her son’s coaches started the season back in June and July.

But, when asked about how much these coaches are paid for a season, the answers ranged from $700 to $25,000 to “I have no clue.”

WCCO surveyed 10 metro school districts for the answer. The average stipend for a high school head football coach was $6,250 for the season. It ranged from $4,151 in Mound-Westonka to $7,270 in Wayzata.

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