Haddow brothers calling it a coaching career after combined 84 years | TheProvince.com

This is a story about Bill and Bruce Haddow. This could be a story about the vast majority of high school coaches in this province.

The brothers have made it known that this will mark their final seasons guiding the Hugh Boyd Trojans of Richmond. Bill has been coaching football in various forms for 42 years, Bruce for 40 years.

Hugh Boyd isn’t a school you’ve heard of a tonne. They aren’t a perennial power. Coaching there hasn’t brought the Haddows notoriety. They’ve just kept going and going.

With them saying that they’re finally walking away, it’s easy to ponder what they’ve done. You think about the lives they’ve affected positively. In fact, you think about the lives that the thousands of coaches in various sports at various schools across the province have affected positively, asking for precious little in return.

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