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We are adding a new feature at Top Coach where we’d like to enlist the help of our friends to submit guest posts. What we’re looking for exactly are short (300-500 word) posts that focus on one aspect of the coaching profession or program-level information. Topics might include things such as:

  • The importance of periodic one-on-one meetings with your players
  • How to prepare for the return of your student-athletes to campus
  • How do you determine what to wear for an interview?
  • Making a great impression in a first meeting with a recruits parents
  • Prioritizing equipment purchases
  • Our best fundraiser ever
  • How to really determine if the school’s administration is committed to baseball
  • Partnering with another local school to share facilities
  • Maintaining a ready file of assistant coach candidates
  • Incorporating former players into the program

You get the idea. These are just a handful of examples of the kinds of topics that will help your fellow coaches and give you a platform get your message out. And, hey, in the networking world in which we operate, getting your name out there is not a bad idea. Whether you’re an established coach, just getting started, or somewhere in between, you’ve got something that other coaches will find valuable.

Please drop us an email with your idea and we’ll let you know if the topic is a good fit for the Top Coach community. Once you get the go ahead, you can take your time to get the article the way you want it and then we’ll publish it at Top Coach. Send your ideas to We’re looking forward to it!

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