Here is a complete list of our interviews in alphabetical order:

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    • The last 10 episodes are all that is available at Stitcher Radio. In iTunes and on the Top Coach web site, all episodes are available. On the web site you’ll need to go to page two to see the earlier episodes. Jack

  1. Is there anyway I can download past episodes and put these podcasts on my phone since they are not on iTunes?

    • Certainly. At the bottom of each post on the website, we’ve got a link to the RSS feed that you can use in any podcast program. In fact, I personally use Pocket Cast on my Android phone. One you get one of these programs, just insert the RSS feed for our podcast and you’ll be set. I’ll incluide the feed here as well:

      Thanks for listening. Please let me know if you need further help.


  2. I would like to recommend Butch Chaffin, Cookeville HS, TN for a future podcast. Heard him on another podcast and has great insight. I know Kevin Wilson, of KWB would as well.

    • Have had Kevin on a couple of times. Coach Chaffin is on my radar. Thanks for the suggestions. Please stay in touch. Jack

  3. I would enjoy hearing former LaPorte, IN legend Ken Schreiber. When I used to bump into him at Purdue he still loved to share information. Years ago, he even had a book out on the market that was quite good.

    • We have had his son Doug Schreiber on a couple of times. We talked about getting his dad on, as being an Indiana boy, I have great memories of Ken and those Slicer squads. I will reach out to him.

  4. Jack, Would love to hear Matt Deggs, Sam Houston State. Have heard several post game interviews and was very impressed.

    • Good call, Bill. I’ve been in contact with Coach Deggs recently and he’s got an open invitation. Thanks!

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