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TC Resource: Gina Parris on Listening

We’re glad to have old friend Gina Parris back on Top Coach to talk this time about listening. What an important topic for a coach. This is something that we all need. Some of the things that Gina covers in this episode: Listening to understand Silence Eye contact Getting buy-in Leadership is influence Be a

TC Resource: Bright N Ready scoreboards

Editor’s note: This interview was originally published last May, but I think it’s such a cool idea, I had to run it again! I stumbled across this quite fortuitously and just thought it was the coolest thing. Bright N Ready takes old electronic billboards and re-purposes them into fully functional scoreboards, multi-media boards, and advertising

TC Resource: Catcher Con 2016

Catcher Con made its debut in 2015 and was a rousing success. Former Top Coach guest, Xan Barksdale, brings his unique perspective and knowledge of the catching game to a conference type gathering with some of the best catching minds in baseball. This year it’s once again in Nashville, but with a mostly new slate

TC Resource: The Good Batting Book

A regular guest and friend of Top Coach Podcast, Kevin Wilson, has written a new book on hitting called The Good Batting Book. Kevin brings his usual common sense approach to the teaching of hitting and does it in a way that even a hacker like myself can understand. This is not a 500 page

Top Coach Resource: Mental Game Summit

Gina Parris is a great friend of ┬áTop Coach and many, many coaches in the Top Coach community. She’s been helping coaches, players, and their families with the mental side of the game for 30 years. Jack is always looking for resources that will help those in the Top Coach community — especially from those

Top Coach Resource: Catching 101

Top Coach welcomes back previous guest, Xan Barksdale, who is sharing a resource that anyone who coaches catchers (that would be you!) will appreciate. Xan first appeared on Top Coach while an assistant coach at East Tennessee State University, following a successful stint at Louisville. Now he works full time instructing catchers and the coaches

Top Coach Network welcomes Married to the Game Podcast!

Top Coach Network is thrilled to announce an addition to our family. In addition to Top Coach Baseball and the Brian Cain Peak Performance Podcast, we welcome Married to the Game Podcast with Leyla Padalecki. Leyla and her husband Ed live in the great state of Texas where Ed coaches football, baseball, and teaches and

Top Coach Resource: I-70 Coaches Clinic

As we often point out here at Top Coach, it is incredibly important to continually invest in yourself. Whether it be book, videos, clinics, or seminars. And to help you out in that pursuit, today we’re highlighting one of the premier regional coaches clinics in the Midwest, the I-70 Coaches Clinic in Greenville, Illinois. We’re