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Broken Windows

by Jack Warren While running the other day, I made my usual pit stop at Uptown Station to get a drink of water and catch my breath. Upon entering, I noticed that for at least the fifth day in a row, the monitor displaying the Amtrak arrivals and departures was not functioning properly, but only

A broken system?

by Jack Warren June is a month for the highest of highs and lowest of lows in the athletic coaching profession. It’s the month where the competent, not-so-competent, and just plain unfortunate lose their jobs and where some are provided the opportunity to show what they’ve got in a new position. Since I have so

Seek out opportunities to speak

by Jack Warren Whether it’s looking for an opportunity to advance or an opportunity for self-development in your current position, one of the skills that need not be overlooked is the ability to express yourself well. That can take of the form of written communication, but equally or perhaps more important is the ability to

Let them know. Now.

by Jack Warren, editor and host of Top Coach With the passing of Pat Summit this week, I was once again reminded of a life’s impact through the wonderful sentiments from hundreds of individuals around the country who have been impacted by this great basketball coach. Paraphrasing what Billy Graham once said, coaches can impact

Trust and Teamwork – lessons learned from I-26

by Jack Warren On a recent drive through South Carolina I-26, I was reminded of what I see frequently everywhere, but it’s never more apparent than when I drive on I-94 through Wisconsin. That is, drivers who camp out in the left lane on the interstate highway. Moving along at a pretty good clip through

Who’s your opening act?

I listened to an interview with a long time, well known comedian the other day. One part of the interview that caught my attention was when he reflected on getting his start in the stand-up comedy world. He said the real breakthrough came when a very well-known comedian asked him to be the opening act

Identifying the right people for leadership positions

by Jack Warren, Top Coach host and editor “History has consistently demonstrated that one of the top reasons why the wrong people are selected for leadership positions is because they are chosen based on prior accomplishments that have nothing to do with leadership.” One of the most important decisions you’ll make in your organization is

Make time for what’s important

by Jack Warren, Top Coach host and editor “If it’s all about baseball, then you’re on the wrong field.” – Jack Warren, Top Coach Alright, guys, I’ve got a topic that’s going to hit home hard with some of you. Frankly, after some of the stories I’ve heard in the last few years, perhaps it’s

Make time to think

by Jack Warren, Top Coach host and editor “A day spent…thinking. It is a luxury and it is a necessity. If you do not take time to think, you are just reacting, and eventually events do your thinking for you.” — James Lileks One of the questions I ask in my staff development seminars is,

Serendipity as part of the creative process

by Jack Warren, Top Coach host and editor “How many great ideas have come to you in the shower or on a bike ride or a run or while watching a movie? Think about it. Serendipity.” Serendipity. Sounds like a fanciful word – one that might have been used in the Harry Potter universe. It

The Critical Focus on Organizational Leadership

by Jack Warren, Top Coach host and editor The identification, selection, and development of leaders is critical to the success of your organization. (In fact, I’d go as far as to say it’s more important than having a 6’10” shot-blocking big man or a hard throwing lefty.) Yes, leadership among the group of guys that


by Jack Warren This may seem a bit redundant to those who read my column, Be Accessible, a few weeks ago, but this specific angle was brought to mind by a story related to me by an acquaintance recently. During our conversation, he told the story of his young son who had written a letter

Creative Staffing the Cajun Way

Creative Staffing is not plugging a square peg into a round hole. by Jack Warren I recently had the chance to visit with the University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s Director of Baseball Operations, Chris Domingue. Chris’ title is just a bit misleading – at least as we often understand those with similarly titled roles. Chris has

Be accessible

by Jack Warren Believe me – I know just how difficult it can be to manage your email inbox. The average non-public individual receives a ton of email on a daily basis – the vast majority being the electronic equivalent to the stacks of ads that you used to receive in the mailbox on your

Ten Second Impact

by Jack Warren, editor and host of Top Coach Baseball If you’ve heard me at a speaking engagement, chances are that you’ve heard me tell the story about my encounter with Northwest Indiana umpiring legend Wally McCormack during my very first high school varsity at-bat as a scrawny freshman. It’s a moment that’s impacted me

Impacting young lives as a coach

by Jack Warren, editor and host of Top Coach Baseball podcast Well documented in the news this past week was the post-Super Bowl press conference with Carolina Panthers’ quarterback Cam Newton. Given the hordes of media outlets covering the event, there were, of course, reactions and opinions everywhere you turned. Additionally, social media has made

Using Social Media to Your Advantage

by Jack Warren On Wednesday evening, about 9:00 pm Central Time — which would make it 8:00 pm Mountain Time — Arizona State University coach Tracy Smith took to Twitter with the following announcement: “Any questions need answered? It’s been a while.” Now coach Smith isn’t a prolific Tweet generator, but coming in at just

The benefits of gratitude – to the giver and receiver

by Jack Warren Anyone who’s sat in on one of my staff development and leadership seminars can tell you that my last topic — and arguably the most important — is on GRATITUDE. Giving thanks. Being thankful. Putting yourself into a perpetual state of gratitude. You see, not only does ingratitude have a long aftertaste,

Reflections on ABCA Orlando

by Jack Warren It’s been one week since I arrived in Orlando for the annual meeting of baseball coaches that make up the ABCA. I didn’t know fully what to expect. I’ve been around coaches my entire life and even around hundreds of coaches at one time, but never before experienced something of this magnitude

Five Tips to Avoid Arm Injury

by Josh Kauten, CSCS Heartland Community College Strength and Conditioning K’s Academy Arm health is, clearly, a hot-button topic that has the baseball world buzzing. I think it was really brought to the forefront in 2012 when a record 46 MLB players (and their ~$193.5 mil in salaries) found themselves under the knife with the

Five questions to help your players prepare for the future

Back in episode 72, Mark Daniels, head coach at Virginia HS in Bristol, Virginia, mentioned that he asked players five questions to help them evaluate their future. Thanks to Coach Daniels for taking time to write them down for us here at Top Coach. This is a great tool for high school coaches. — editor

Giving back to the game

by Jack Warren, Top Coach host Getting 26 episodes into Top Coach has demonstrated one thing to me above all else – coaches want to help coaches. In all of my days in baseball, it has always amazed me that coaches are so willing to share their most closely held secrets in order to help

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