Baseball and the judicial system – scheduling decisions by Judge Zanic

Got this funny story from recent guest, George Zanic. As you’ll probably remember, Coach Zanic is the only coach we’ve featured (so far!) that is both an active coach and a sitting judge. Anyway, he related this great story which I’m sure nearly everyone reading this (except for those of you in Southern California) can relate to.

Yesterday afternoon I received a call from the County Emergency Management director regarding the impending ice/snow event.  He asked about the court calendar, and he said that I should make a decision as to the closure of the court system for tomorrow as soon as possible. After getting his report, I immediately had my court administrator call all of the court staff and attorneys and closed the court system.

Then it hit me…..if I was making the call on a baseball game, I would have checked five weather sites, and relied on the most favorable. I then would have called the other coach and said “Hey it looks like we have a window tomorrow right around game time. Let’s wait until tomorrow to make the call…what time does your bus leave?”

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