ACS: Jon Gold, Albertus Magnus College

Jon Gold
Albertus Magnus College
Hometown: Brookline, Massachusetts
Education: Emmanuel College (Boston)
Twitter: @jonjgold2
Email: jonjgold [at]
Official bio

The moment you first realized you might want to coach.

The summer following my sophomore year of college. In the summer of 2014 I was named the head coach of Brookline’s Legion team and I fell in love with it. As a player I kept to myself for the most part, so as a coach I was pushed to step out of my shell a bit and be more vocal and be the best possible communicator.

Ways you have learned the coaching game other than mentors.

I have always been a hands-on learner so In terms of implementing drills, skill work, or material for players, I need to do the movements myself before being able to instruct the players I work with. I watch college and MLB games and mimic their movements. I also gather ideas from other coaches via social media (twitter). Within the past 6 months I have committed to becoming more of a life-long learner. Now I aim to read a book per month, connect with fellow coaches, and I listen to several different podcasts, including Top Coach.

What advice would you give to your rookie self?

So many coaches have said something along the same lines, but I honestly would go back and tell myself to love my players first, form relationships with them, and learn as much from them as they will learn from me. As soon as anyone thinks they know it all is the second they need to get out.

Best advice you have ever received.

Every mistake made and every failure is an opportunity to learn and grow. You are only truly failing if you don’t learn and adjust.

Your dream lunch date (dead or alive).

Jim Valvano — North Carolina State Men’s Basketball, 1980-1990, and founder of the V Foundation for cancer research. I highly recommend the ESPN 30-30 “Survive and Advance” a documentary on NC State’s 1983 title run.

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