ACS: Ian Sanderson, Lower Columbia College

Ian Sanderson
Lower Columbia College
Hometown: Shelton, Washington
Education: Central Washington University
Twitter: @isanderson22
Email: cw609 [at]
Official bio

The moment you first realized that you might like to make coaching part of your career?

I was young. I realized my playing career wasn’t going to keep me in the game but I knew I wanted to be in the game so coaching was only natural.

Outside of mentors, talk about one way you’ve learned some aspect of coaching.

I just watched the game. Not always watching the ball but watching players behind the pitcher and seeing how all players on the field move and set up for different types of plays. If you have a quiet mouth with your eyes and ears open you can learn a lot from just watching

Best career or work advice you ever received.

Take care of details that seem unimportant and boring. If you do this more times than not you will come out on top. Focus on the small things no one else focuses on and good things will happen.

Your dream lunch date. One coach. Any sport. Any level. Living or dead. Who is it?

Augie Garrido. I would love to see how he crossed the lines of toughness and care with his players so seamlessly.

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