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Top Coach Baseball¬†is a podcast about and for baseball coaches. Whether you’re an aspiring coach, an inexperienced coach, a veteran, or a fan of coaches or baseball in general, Top Coach is for you. Listen to your favorite coaches talk about their profession and their programs. We leave the stuff between the lines to clinic presentations, but instead focus on what it takes to get into and get along in the coaching profession. We focus primarily on amateur coaches, as their mission tends to be a bit different from that of a professional coach.

Cornbelt Sports is a production company located in Central Illinois, but covering baseball wherever it’s played in the world.

Jack and Schloss_croppedMy name is Jack Warren. I am the host of Top Coach and the owner of Cornbelt Sports. I am a former player, coach, umpire, groundskeeper, bus driver, etc. (you know the drill!) with a life long love affair with the game of baseball. My extremely gracious wife, Pam, indulges my current entanglement with the game and is my biggest supporter.

I have been overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness of the coaches that I have had the opportunity to interview. They have been extremely candid and are always eager to help out their fellow coaches.




Jack W 3If you haven’t heard enough of me in my weekly podcast, then I’ll be more than happy to come to you to spread the good word of the baseball coaching profession in person. If you’ve got a banquet, clinic, conference, team meeting, promotional event, or fund raiser, I will fill up some dead space with an encouraging, motivational, and (hopefully) entertaining monologue…or some Q & A. Visit my professional services website at JackWWarren.com for more information.

Staff Development and Leadership Seminar

Staff Seminar 2There are plenty of opportunities for you to learn the game between the lines or the one between the ears. I will come to you and help you and your staff with my current staff development and leadership seminar, Ten Second Impact. Communication, organization, motivation, teamwork, career planning, and more will be discussed in formats tailored to the needs of your team or organization. I’ve got anything from a four hour version, all the way up to a two-day retreat. For more information, go to JackWWarren.com.

email: jack (at) topcoachpodcast.com

Cornbelt Sports
PO Box 512
Normal, IL 61761



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5 Responses “ABOUT”

  1. March 15, 2014 at 6:25 am

    Hi Jack. I love the concept of your site/podcast! I run an instructional site for coaches called Baseball By The Yard. Would you mind if I wrote a post about your podcasts and put a link to your site? I think my readers (mostly high school coaches) would be interested.
    Best of luck with your site!


  2. Sean Loyd
    September 16, 2014 at 9:44 am


    My name is Sean Loyd. I was Cal Bailey’s assistant coach for 20 years and also played for him. I have the honor of being the next head coach at West Virginia State. I want to thank you for having Cal on the podcast. I have been blessed to be a small part of Cals program and I am so happy that he is getting recognition for being a great coach and great man. He is the genuine real deal. There will never be another like him. Again, thanks so much for exposing coaches everywhere to Cal’s thoughts and style. He is a giant and icon in the coaching profession.

  3. Kaleb Kinder
    May 5, 2017 at 7:48 am

    You guys should interview Coach Andrew Wright at the University of Charleston in WV. It is the rival school of Cal Baileys alum at WVSU. Would be a great interview and has a lot of knowledge for a young coach on the rise.

    • admin
      May 5, 2017 at 12:03 pm

      Yes, I have met Coach Wright and we correspond occasionally. I will have him on at some point. Thanks! Jack

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