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Hey guys, I’m looking for a little help here (#CrowdSourcing!).
I’m going to start a new video feature on Top Coach. It will be a very short video (perhaps 2-5 minutes) with the following format: A coach will be asked one question to which he can reply however he sees fit. What I want the coach to address with his one answer is pretty much, “Tell us a story that illustrates your ‘aha’ coaching moment.”
Now accomplishing this is not as simple as it seems. I want to keep it broad enough to allow for different meanings from different coaches. For instance, for one coach it might mean a teaching moment that finally clicked. For another it might mean the moment where they figured out that coaching was the right profession for them. And for yet another it might be best illustrated by a story that illustrates, “THIS is why I got into coaching.”
And this one caveat: I want it to be a story — not an explanation.
Please leave your suggestion for what that one question should be in the comments, on Twitter, or in an email.
Thanks a bunch! Looking forward to your answers.
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